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Artnher is an initiative by Mithilasmita to showcase the master art and art merchandise hand created by the immensely talented rural women artists of India.

About Mithila Art

Mithila Art, an ancient heritage art form of India with its presence across the world museums.

Madhubani Paintings

Original Madhubani painting hand painted in the traditional styles of Mithila.

Art Scarf

Hand painted exquisite silk art scarves created by traditional Indian artists.

Art Hijabs

Hand painted Hijabs with the sensibility and creativity of culture.


Hand Painted

The Art pieces are hand painted without using pencil or scale

Unique Designs

The designs made by our artists are unique

Madhubani Artists

These Paintings are painted by the Artists living in Madhubani

Free Hand Painted, Signed By The Artists

MITHILAsmita believes in creating art pieces adhering to its original form and hence every art and art merchandise is free hand painted and signed by the artists. No sketching, no tracing!

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Core Features

Madhubani Color Art

Madhubani Color Art is an ancient style of using colors to illustrate stories from religious scriptures, mythologies and nature.

Madhubani Line Art

Madhubani line art, a monochromatic/ dichromatic style, practiced by the kayastha community of Mithila to depict stories from nature and mythology.

Madhubani Tattoo Paintings

Tattoo art illustrated repetitive patterns inspired from folk stories and nature practiced by the nomadic tribes of Mithila(India).

Art Silk Scarves

Hand painted silk scarves by the master painters of Mithila(India).

Art Hijabs

Hand painted silk and cotton Hijabs by the master painters of Mithila(India).

Art Cotton Scarves

Hand painted cotton Scarves by the master painters of Mithila(India).


Our mission is to create a social business for promoting the best of Indian Art while supporting the women artists and their families.


Heritage preservation

Heritage preservation


Museum quality art

Museum quality art


Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment



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